The digital travel companion for your guests.
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With the solutions by CODE2ORDER, hotels accompany guests along the entire Guest Journey - from the first booking, throughout the stay to the next direct booking.

  • Digital Guest Service
    The digital guest folder supports the personal service in the hotel exactly in the right places and accompanies guests before, during and after their stay.
  • Mobile contactless Check-in and Check-out 
    CODE2ORDER enables a completely automated check-in process for hotels. Hotel guests fill in all data relevant for check-in and check-out via their own device or a kiosk (tablet) at the reception desk.
  • Journey Mailing
    With the Journey Mailing solution, hotels can send the right e-mails to hotel guests at the right time. Simply automatic. Once created, e-mails no longer have to be sent out manually.

A digital experience throughout the entire guest journey

Provide the right information and services at the right time and place. Boost your direct bookings, improve your online reputation or increase your guest engagement throughout the whole guest journey.

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Prior to the stay

Avoid long check-in queues

With the digital companion your guests can easily fill in all relevant data required for your check-in process from home or on the way. Thereby you avoid long queues at your check-in desk and unsatisfied customers prior to their stay.

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During the stay

Save costs and optimize your room cleaning

The digital travel companion provides a simple and easy solution for your guest communication. Information about room cleaning for the next day or repair work that needs to be done, can be reported quickly. Interfaces with operation tools, such as HotelKit enables you to process your tasks automatically and more efficiently.

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After the stay

Increase your direct bookings

By integrating your booking engine, the digital companion serves as an additional direct booking channel, free of commission to third-party providers. Use push-messages to contact your guests, who already left your hotel and boost your direct bookings.

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We count on real progress and the latest Technology of the Progressive Web App (PWA)

The web-based technology enables a quick and easy access to our digital companion - without the need to download an app. Also you go without expensive and polluting tablets.





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Tim Wetzel

"Technical equipment such as smartphones, tablets, etc. are developing rapidly. Nearly every 6 month the devices get faster and more efficient. Therefore it was very important to us, finding a partner for our digital guest communication, who is device-independent and adapts quickly. We have found this partner with CODE2ORDER."

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